Want To Stop Your Alloy Boat From Being Eaten By Corrosion?

Sea Guardian systems are designed to stop galvanic corrosion in aluminum boats.
Australian made, maintenance free – built to save your boat.

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Sea Guardian Alloy boat corrosion protection

Looking To Stop Corrosion In Your Painted Aluminium Boat?

A system designed to save you time, money and keep the boat you love.

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  • How To Stop Corrosion 


The story of the Sea Guardian began in 2014, driven by market demand. After speaking with numerous people, we realised they were all having the same problem – galvanic corrosion. After speaking with more and more customers, we began to see the following recurring issues: 

  • Galvanic Reaction Between Differing Metals 
  • Stone chips developing into corrosion spots 
  • Salt water getting under the paint, causing it to lift and bubble and eventually ‘flaking’ off 
  • Corrosion developing and eventually eating holes in the materials 
  • Paintwork oxidizing and becoming powdery and dull 

After hearing the amount of effort our customers had put into trying to save their boats, it became clear this was a massive issue. Worst of all was that it was a problem there was no clear-cut solution to.

Put simply, the Sea Guardian is an electronic system, designed to prevent corrosion in painted aluminium boats. It does this by applying a negative static charge to the boat, reducing the reactiveness of the aluminium and thus, the rate of corrosion. 

The Sea Guardian System is designed to: 

  1. Slow or stop existing corrosion from further developing or spreading 
  2. Prevent new corrosion from forming 
  3. Prevent Galvanic reaction (areas where dissimilar metals meet – usually aluminium and stainless steel) 
  4. Help Protect Paintwork and prevent it from bubbling, spidering, lifting or ‘flaking off’ 
  5. Slow paint Oxidization (Oxidization of paint often leads to dull or powdery paint)