Sea Guardian System

The One-Time Corrosion Solution For Alloy Boat Owners...

The Sea Guardian can save you $1000’s, hours of wasted maintenance time and give you peace of mind to keep the boat you love.

The Sea Guardian: An Innovation In Boat Corrosion Prevention

So, you’ve purchased a beautifully painted alloy boat.


You’ve set it up with the right gear, installed all the ad-ons and it’s pretty much the way you want it.

You can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor and some time on the sea.


But here’s the thing…

Owning a boat isn’t just weekends with the mates on a fishing trip, beers and big catches.

It requires a lot of on-going work, maintenance and upkeep.

If you’ve owned an alloy boat before (or have mates with one) you’ve no doubt seen the biggest threat to aluminium boats before:


Usually bought on by dissimilar metals (such as stainless steel screws) or stone chips, corrosion can cause a bunch of headaches:

  • Salt water getting under the paint – causing it to bubble, lift of flake off
  • Screws falling out
  • Paintwork oxidising and becoming dull
  • Eventually eating holes in your boat hull 

What Does This Mean For You?

In the past, the two main outcomes to fight corrosion were:


1. Strip Back, Etch-Prime and Repaint the entire hull – hoping to fix the issue.

2.Use the boat for as long as you can – before eventually getting rid of it.


So what’s the real problem?

Simply, it’s that neither of these solutions completely solve the problem.


They provide a band-aid solution at best and leave corrosion in your boat looming over you.

Worse still, is that in addition to costing you your time, constantly battling to salvage what you can – corrosion can bring on seriously expensive repairs.


Whether you’re trying to fix holes or repainting your boat from scratch, the bill for fixing a boat with corrosion isn’t cheap.

But that’s nothing in comparison to buying an entire new boat…


Fortunately, there is now an alternative solution to break this cycle.

Thanks to an innovative device the issue of galvanic corrosion (AKA electrolysis) can be solved and forgotten about for good.

If you’re looking for a permanent, one-time solution to corrosion in your boat the Sea Guardian is for you.


Put simply, once installed, the electronic system is designed to operate, maintenance free, to protect your boat from corrosion and oxidation.


No more costly repairs…


No more wasted time…


No more bubbling paint…


No more worrying about losing your boat.


Simply, a permanent solution to aluminium boat corrosion. 


The One-Time Corrosion Solution For Alloy Boat Owners.

What Others Have Said:

What The System Is Designed For:

To Provide A Permanent Solution For Boat Owners

The Sea Guardian is designed to prevent galvanic corrosion (also called electrolysis) in painted alloy boats.

To Stop The Spread Or Formation Of Corrosion

In addition to stopping new spots of corrosion forming, the Sea Guardian, is also designed to stop existing corrosion from spreading.

To Reduce Paintwork Oxidation

The Sea Guardian is designed to reduce the rate of oxidation of your boat. Oxidation typically leads to the paintwork becoming dull and lifeless.

To Improve Paintwork Shine

The Sea Guardian is designed to improve the shine and life of your boats paint.

To Prevent Stop Chips Developing

The Sea Guardian is designed to prevent stone chips from developing and turning into corrosion spots.

To Reduce Costly Repairs

The Sea Guardian is designed to reduce the repairs caused by corrosion - such as strip backs, welds or complete repaints.

To Reduce The Need For DIY Repairs

The Sea Guardian is designed to be maintenance free - meaning no more personal DIY corrosion repairs.

To Allow You To Keep The Boat You Love

The Sea Guardian is ultimately designed to extend the longevity of painted alloy boats - meaning you can keep the boat you love.

What's Included:

All Sea Guardian systems include a power generator, strip-couplers, T-joiners, wire, a fuse pack and medi-swabs. All systems are proudly Australian made to retain product quality and are designed to be maintenance free – meaning no on-going costs or maintenance. The following list will outline inclusions in your purchase:

A Safeguard Sea Guardian System

Suitable for boats up to 4m, The Safeguard is our entry level system, designed for smaller boats. 

5 Year Product Warranty

Each Sea Guardian system guarantees 5-years of system performance. This means that if you have issues with any part of your system, simply send it back to us and we will replace it free of charge.

On-Going Support

Each Sea Guardian system includes lifetime support from the team. If you have any issues with your system, we are here 9-5pm AEST Monday-Friday.

Install Instructions

The Safeguard system will take on average between 2-4 hours to install. We provide you with a simple, complete installation manual to safely fit your system.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all Sea Guardian systems. Simply complete your purchase and your Sea Guardian will be on its way within two (2) business days.


The One-Time Corrosion Solution For Alloy Boat Owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 | What does the system do?

The system is designed to prevent oxidization and galvanic reaction in aluminium boats.

Q2 | How do I get it installed?

You can install the system yourself following our easy step by step Installation Manual or take your boat to any professional such as an Auto Electrician, or boat repair facility.

Download the Installation Manual here

Q3 | How much is the system?

The Titan retails at $2897.00

Q4 | What do I get when I purchase the system?

In the Box
• 1 x Sea Guardian Power Generator
• 1 x Marine Grade Wire Reel
• 1 x Fuse Pack
• Strip Couplers (will depend on size of boat)
• T-Joiners
• Medi-Swabs
Out Of The Box
• 5-Year Product Warranty
• Instruction Manual (PDF – Downloadable)
• On-going Phone, Skype & Email Support (9-4:30, Monday-Friday)

Q5 | How does the system work?

The Sea Guardian system applies a negative static charge to the hull of the boat – as a negative charge is rich in electrons, its able to replace lost electrons in the alloy. This slows or prevents corrosion by lowering the alloy’s voltage potential and as a result, the alloy becomes less likely to corrode. 

The technology for the system is ‘capacitive coupling’ and is similar to that found in car/4WD rust prevention, however, modified specifically for marine use.

Q6 | What are the limitations of the system?

• Does not work on un-painted alloy boats
• Does not work on fibreglass boats
• Does not remove existing corrosion or ‘revert’ it back to initial state
• Does not ‘stop’ corrosion entirely (More on this in section 4)
• Does not prevent stray-current corrosion
• Does not protect boat motor or propeller
• Does not mean that you shouldn’t still wash down or take care of your boat

Q7 | Is the system new? I've never heard of it before...

The Sea Guardian System was originally designed in 2014 and has been field tested over the last 4 years. The manufacturers behind the system, have been creating electronic corrosion prevention units for over 20 years and have extensive experience in the field.

Q8 | What is the draw on my battery?

The expected draw from your battery is anywhere from 25 – 30 milli-amps.


The One-Time Corrosion Solution For Alloy Boat Owners.