Sea Guardian Testimonials

The size of the corrosion has remained exactly the same, hasn’t grown. The paint hasn’t bubbled up…normally it would bubble higher and higher. 

Since I put the system on, the shine has come back. I can’t get over the paint, how shiny it’s got…everyone thinks I polish it…trust me I don’t. It has not had one skerrick of polish, all it gets is a wash – It just gets shinier by the day. All the alloys coming up great, I haven’t found any new areas. Admittedly, I was originally a little bit skeptical…It was new to me, I had no evidence on boats that it would work…I thought, we’ll give it a shot. 

I honestly was going to strip it all off, repaint it, all around the top, the cabin – not anymore, no way. I’ve got stone chips all out the front from towing. In the past, the stone chips have turned into corrosion. It’s still there, but it hasn’t moved – it’s stopped dead in its tracks, I’m very happy’.

‘I watched the last one get eaten away, I didn’t want the same thing to happen to this one… 

The boat I had before was pretty much the exact same – after 12 years, it’d pretty much had it. I had the boat about 18 months – had corrosion come on straight away (within 6 months).The boat I had before got eaten away pretty bad – pretty much all of it.  

We’ve had the system on for 12 months, it seems to be pretty good. Hasn’t seemed to be any movement in the corrosion at all. I’m pretty sure you’ve fixed the problem – I’m over the moon really, to tell you the truth.’

It was terrible – I had to sandblast it all back and repaint it from scratch. Back to bare alloy, etch-primed it – two coats. And three coats of colours – it was all done properly all marine urethane paint. It was a lot of work. 

As soon as I put it in the water, that’s when we started seeing issues straight away. Within 2 months it started coming out I reckon. Spidering under the paint, bubbling up – the paint was lifting. When it all starts bubbling – that’s not the right thing to see when you spend a lot of hard work on it.

Where before, without the system – it would be straight away. It would come out. 12 months to today he’s come around and had a look, we’ve gone around it with a ruler. Checked it out with a fine-toothed comb. And the corrosion’s basically slowed right down to nothingno more existing corrosion has come out since

It stopped the corrosion where it started. It hasn’t grown any bigger since then, and any new points it hasn’t lifted. It doesn’t get any worse or change anything…not like before I am very happy – and it works very well..’

Sea Guardian System

What It's Designed To Do:

  • Help protect paintwork and prevent it from bubbling, spidering, lifting or ‘flaking off’ 
  • Slow or stop existing corrosion from further developing or spreading 
  • Help prevent new corrosion from forming 
  • Help prevent galvanic reaction (areas where dissimilar metals meet usually aluminium and stainless steel)
  • Slow paint oxidization (oxidization of paint often leads to dull or powdery paint)